Is a warranty included?

Yes, all our vehicles come with minimum one-year legal warranty. The details of the warranty are written in the vehicle's sales contract. The warranty does not apply:

  • when the services, adjustments, tightening and other preparations necessary for normal use of the vehicle are carried out, or when parts are replaced normally during servicing recommended by the manufacturer.
  • to normal vehicle wear.
  • if the defect is due to abnormal use of the vehicle (e.g. if it has been used in a competition or rally, as a taxi or for distributing mail or urgent shipments), or due to negligence, a lack of maintenance or incorrect maintenance by the buyer, or when the vehicle has been converted. Work by the seller under warranty is dependent on the proper use of the vehicle and observance of the manufacturer's user manual.  

Is assistance included?

No. The contract does not include assistance, so you must take out your own.  

Can I test drive the vehicle before I buy it?

Of course! You just need to arrange a test drive at the point of sale where the vehicle is kept. Our team will be delighted to inform you on the vehicle's history and give you all the clarifications you need. To find out where the vehicle is available, please refer to the vehicle form.

Can I trade in my previous vehicle?

It depends on the point of sale, the type of vehicle that you own and its condition, of course. You must therefore discuss this with your Arval AutoSelect sales contact.

How do I pay for the vehicle?

You must pay the total cost of the vehicle by bank transfer. As soon as these funds have been transferred into our bank account, we will call you to arrange the delivery.    

How long do I need to wait to take possession of my new car?

The process should take less than four weeks from the time you confirm the order to the delivery of the vehicle.  

How do I take possession of my new car?

You just need to agree on a delivery date with your Arval AutoSelect sales contact and then come and pick it up from its storage location/point of sale.  

Can my car be delivered to my home?

Unfortunately that is not possible. You must go to the storage location/point of sale.  

Do I need to show administrative or other documents to take possession of my car?

Yes, you must show: 
  • a valid identification document, 
  • the registration plates (the official back plate and the front plate).    

When will the car need a technical inspection or service?

The technical inspection depends on the vehicle's age. A vehicle that is older than 4 years must pass a technical inspection each year. The service is annual or according to the manufacturer's legal requirements.

Does the vehicle have a full service history?

Yes, all our vehicles are sold with a full service history, minimum one-year warranty, the Car Pass and are technically inspected.

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